Queensland Vintage Vehicle Association Inc

 The QVVA was formed in 1964 and has enjoyed continuous activity and growth ever since.

QVVA accepts all makes of vehicles and encourages people to find, preserve and restore vehicles to original condition as far as practicable.

Any vehicle will be accepted regardless of age, but must be manufactured prior to 1973 to be eligible for a club badge.

We promote the use and enjoyment of driving old vehicles on well planned outings and we encourage social activities for members and their families. 

The QVVA Club Meetings are held on the fourth Wednesday of each month at the, Veteran Car Clubrooms, 1376 Old Cleveland Road, Carindale, at 7.45 pm. 

Vehicle owners and enthusiasts and all interested in the old car movement are welcome.

It is not necessary to own a vintage vehicle to join the club; alternately, there is no limit to the number of vehicles you may register with the club.

The strength of the club is the members them selves. Being a multi make vehicle club, the members have a very wide knowledge of makes etc (compared to a one make club).

Many of our members grew up with oil in their veins and their knowledge on what works and what makes it go is second to none. Help is always available.

The QVVA has two major forms of communications to our members, the first being our magazine called Vintage News. This is produced bi-monthly by our editor from information sourced from the membership and emailed to all. 

Secondly the club is active on Facebook at facebook.com/vintassn. Facebook is used to show photos of events the club has organised or been part of and for instant club notices and notification of  forthcoming events via links to further details on this website.


Shannon's Car Club

QVVA is listed in the Shannon's directory of Australian motor vehicle clubs. You can view the clubs listing here.


Queensland Historic Motor Council

QVVA is affliated with the Queensland Historic Motoring Council - the peak representative body for historic vehicle clubs in Queensland. 

Club Events

There are many events that are annual features of the Queensland Vintage Vehicle Association calendar year. 


Club Events

The club year starts in August after the Annual General Meeting in July for election of committee members. The first club event is our EKKA day rally which is a days outing ending up somewhere for lunch.


Bonnets Up Day

A very important day as the safety officers check your vehicles for minor faults (if any). This is a fun day with a BBQ lunch put on by the club.

The vehicles are put up on the ramp thus giving the inspectors and owners an ideal chance to check the vehicle over. 


Weekend Away Tour

We normally have a weekend away tour or outing planned by one of our members for September or October and these outings are always interesting and great to get away from the city.    


Christmas Party

In December we have our Club Christmas party which is normally at the club rooms or another suitable venue.

The Christmas Party is always well attended with members of all ages.


Local Club Tours

Many of our rallies are organized by the club members and normally take us to places we have not been to before.

Many other affiliated clubs hold their weekend rallies that club members are more than welcome to go and participate and enjoy.

So WHY is the Queensland Vintage Vehicle Club the best?
“Because our club members tell us”


1376 Old Cleveland Road, Carindale QLD, 4152 Australia

The Best Multi-Make Car Club


President - Don Lake
Secretary - Ben Carroll
Treasurer - Wendy Tyquin

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